Northern Cemetery

Northern Cemetery
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Spring to Winter opening times

1 April to 31 October
Monday to Sunday 8.30am to 7.30pm

Winter to Spring opening times

1 November to 31 March
Monday to Sunday 8.30am to 4.30pm

There are no new graves available for full adult burials. Deedholders of existing graves with space still left can authorise burials to take place into their grave.

  • Baby Cemetery graves are available - no memorabilia.
  • Rose Tree Areas – choice of locations £650 including 10-year lease – excludes plaque
  • Columbarium Wall Niche – good availability and choices of locations within the area - £795 including 10-year lease (lettering 60 letters) interment
  • Columbarium Wall plaque – good availability and choices of locations within the area - £545 including 10-year lease (lettering 60 letters)
  • Millennium Walk – Good Availability – Above ground vaults - £1475.00 including 10-year lease, plaque, lettering (lettering 80 letters) posy vase, interment
  • Lavender Walk – Good Availability – Below ground sanctums - £880.00 including 10-year lease (lettering 80 letters) posy vase, interment
  • Granite Benches – Various locations, price on request
  • Wooden Benches – Various locations possible. £1.600, (does not include plaque or pavers) - includes 10-year lease. (Fee does not include maintenance of the bench or carvings).

To enquire about memorials, and availability please contact us using the button below -

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The Cemetery

This Cemetery has Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) graves within it.

There are 423 casualties buried in this cemetery from WW1 & WW2. In one area there is a dedicated area containing service personnel graves and inscribed walls. Other CWGC graves are scattered within the cemetery.

Another area is the location of a mass grave where civilian casualties from WW2 Air Raids were buried, at least 327 men, women and children are buried in this area. A memorial pays tribute, as well as story boards, seating and peace roses. A yearly memorial service takes place on the 7,8 or 9 May at 2pm to remember those lost.

There is a war memorial also where wreaths are laid as a further act of remembrance.

There is a Columbarium Area within the cemetery to inter ashes of a loved one in, many ashes have been previously interred within this walling and are visited by families. Rose trees are dotted around and able to be leased.

The cemetery is full. There are no new full lawned burial graves to purchase. Burials will be taking place for years to come in this cemetery as many graves were previously reserved, or, there is still space available for further burials within a grave already used previously.

There is also a baby cemetery. Parents of many of the baby graves have adorned their grave with items which are against the rules and regulations. Bereavement Services have respected the parents need to grieve, however, in new areas of the baby cemetery and at other cemeteries memorabilia is not allowed and against the current rules and regulations and will be removed. 

In 2022 it was officially confirmed by the National Tree Register we are proud custodians of a record-breaking Salix x sepulcralis 'chrysocoma' Weeping Willow, Height 13 m Girth 512 cm. The tree is situated in the centre of the Northern Cemetery to be enjoyed by all. After a tree survey was carried out within the cemetery the data was shared with the Tree Register of Great Britain and it was confirmed as the new Girth Champion of not just East Yorkshire, but of England, with a girth of 512 cm. The previous girth champion is in Canterbury, Kent and is smaller by 12 cm.

There are a number of leased memorial options to remember and memorialise a loved one within the cemetery i.e. Rose Tree areas. Also, locations to have a granite or wooden bench placed in. Additionally, for cremated remains there is Millennium and Lavender Walks. In these areas a space can be leased and ashes either interred in Lavender Walk, or, placed in an above ground vault in Millennium Walk.


The Cemetery is accessed directly from Chanterlands Avenue.

There is pedestrian and car access via wrought iron gates located directly fronting Chanterlands Avenue. There is further access from Chanterlands Avenue through the Columbarium Area, this is a separate gate and further access from the Crematorium along the exit road, There is a left turn which takes you into Northern Cemetery.

Roads within the cemetery will take you by car to general areas only, walking may be required. Roadside parking only is available (no designated car parking spaces).

Some roadways and pathways are uneven. Please always drive slowly and be careful at all times, walk around uneven areas, in winter the pathways may become slippery and there may be more mud in evidence. 

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