Eastern Cemetery

Eastern cemetery
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Spring to Winter opening times

1 April to 31 October
Monday to Sunday 8.30am to 7.30pm

Winter to Spring opening times

1 November to 31 March
Monday to Sunday 8.30am to 4.30pm

There are many new Burial spaces in Eastern Cemetery. Graves can be reserved in advance by buying a graves’ exclusive rights of burial. Graves are for full burials, ashes interments or both.

There are sanctums for cremated remains, as well as ashes only graves, scattering areas or the popular rose trees.

  • Sanctum 2000 – above ground vault £1475 - including 10-year lease, plaque and lettering (80 letters), interment Monday – Friday.
  • Rose Tree £650.00 - including 10-year lease, plaque not included.
  • Locations for wooden and granite benches supplied by Bereavement Services are available, these are to lease for a specified period of time.
  • Octagonal Planter – (Eastern and Chanterlands Crematorium only).   
  • Purchase of a 10-year lease and 12” X 3” plaque, £420.00
  • Renewal of 10-year lease. £270.00
  • New plaque, £160.00

There is space for Muslim Burials and baby funerals in separate dedicated areas only.

The book of remembrance can be viewed electronically on site and entries purchased by contacting Bereavement Services -

  • 2 Lined inscriptions (1st line name, 2nd line for dedication) - £83.50
  • 5 Lined inscriptions (1st line name only, 2nd-5th lines for dedication) - £130.00
  • 8 Lined inscriptions (1st line name only, 2nd-8th lines for dedication) - £195.00
  • 5 Lined inscriptions with emblem (not coat of arms) - £210.00
  • 8 Lined inscriptions with emblem (not coat of arms) - £260.00
  • Full Heraldic device with supporters, mantling etc, with 8 lined inscriptions - £282.00
  • Crests, badges, or floral emblems extra - £100.00

To enquire about memorials, and availability please contact us using the button below -

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This Cemetery has Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) graves within it.

There are 95 identified casualties buried in this cemetery from WW2.

The Cemetery has old areas where there is no available new burial space and new areas where families can inter ashes or have burials. Graves are for up to 2 coffin burials and 10 sets of cremated remains. Alternatively, there are ashes only graves or other options available.

The cemetery has a Muslim Burial area and a baby cemetery and memorial area.

There is a chapel on site, home for an electronic version of the Crematoriums Book of Remembrance. The chapel allows for a memorial service to take place before then going into the cemetery and carrying out the burial service.

The chapel has seating for 100+ people and a modern music / media playing system.

There are a number of leased memorial options to remember and memorialise a loved one.

There are public toilets on site.

In new areas the placing of memorabilia on a grave is not permitted and is against the cemetery rules and regulations. Other areas do have graves were items have been placed on them, these are all not authorised but in many cases pre date the current cemetery regulations. New grave owners are asked to understand and respect the rules in order to maintain a safe, respectful and consistent place for their loved one.

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