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There is very good availability for everything sold at this site as everything is new and now ready to be leased or bought. Please see the price list for items or discuss with a member of staff.

We have -

  • New lawned burial graves for 1 or 2 persons, exclusive rights of burial from 10 years to 100 years
  • Muslim adult and baby burial graves for 1 person
  • Lawns baby grave
  • Ashes only graves
  • Natural Burial graves for full burials and cremated remains
  • Sunctums/Vaults and Coppices for Cremated remains
  • Bird Bath plaques, plaques in other areas include wicker fencing areas.
  • Mulberry Tree leaves
  • Visitor Centre seasonal tree leaves and flowers
  • Benches
  • Frieze plaques in the Visitor Centre
  • The Book of Remembrance
  • Granite Vases and choices of other types of memorabilia including cast iron products
  • Spiral Plaques

Any queries should be directed to Bereavement Services, staff will be only too pleased to explain the options available and help.

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About the Cemetery

The Cemetery opened in 2010 as a new cemetery and has since been extensively improved and remodelled with an additional £1.7M spent on it during 2022/23.

The cemetery is a large open space benefiting from its lovely rural setting. It aims to work in harmony with nature and enhance the environment in which it exists. There is a natural burial area containing grassed and meadowlands with natural wildflowers growing and buzzing with pollinators, together with more traditional lawned burial grounds.

There is a separate Muslim Burial area, a baby area and lots of other interesting places to wander around, explore and maybe lease a memorial item to remember a loved one.

There is a lovely rose garden area as you enter the cemetery on foot, a laid pathway takes you from here towards the Woodland Walk which will lead you around the cemetery finishing in the Memory Garden. 

As you wander through the areas you will first see ornamental spiral wicker fencing where you can purchase a memorial and place a plaque to remember someone dear to you, then into the extended rose garden and ornamental Coppices where cremated remains can be laid to rest within.

The Peace Garden is next with its calming water feature contained within limestone walling and landscaped boarders, a lovely place to sit quietly. As you wander along the Woodland Walk you will see characters appealing to children and making the walk interesting.

You will pass the Pet Garden where the ashes of a cherished furry friend can be scattered and around the Natural burial areas and meadowlands. At the rear of the cemetery are ponds which are home to an array of insects and animals/birds. As you walk around the entirety of the Woodland Walk you will finish at the Memory Garden. Here you can post a letter to a loved one, or again sit and enjoy what is around you.

There is a Colton steel mulberry tree here were again there is an opportunity to lease a lovely memorial item such as an engraved leaf of your choosing at a reasonable cost. Other areas exist and are equally attractive to discover and enjoy. People who visit like to walk around looking and finding their own favourite spot.

Some of the views across the cemetery are simply lovely, its more than just a cemetery it is a place to visit and enjoy as a place of tranquil beauty,

There is an on-site visitor centre directly in front of the car park, visitors are encouraged to come in and speak to staff. You can look at the memory trees and freizes within the centre. A pleasant place it is to visit. A disabled toilet is also available, a radar key opens this toilet. The key is available to use during office opening hours. Outside office hours the door remains closed.

There are a number of leased memorial options to remember and memorialise a loved one on site, something to satisfy most tastes and pockets.

In this cemetery the placing of memorabilia on a grave is not permitted and is against the cemetery rules and regulations. Items will be removed. New grave owners are asked to understand and respect the rules in order to maintain a respectful and consistent place for their loved one which is safe for everyone to visit including the animals we share with.


There is a single attractive entrance / exit point into the cemetery.

Access by car is by wooden gates fronting directly onto Priory Road. Signage at the gates identifies the cemetery from the road.

Pedestrian access is by the same area and good quality footpaths are in place.

There is a large car park on your right-hand side as you drive into the cemetery grounds and secure cycle rails to chain bicycles to close by. Driving a car within the cemetery passed the car park is restricted, however, for disabled customers, or when a burial is taking place, the barriers can be lowered by staff to provide car access. Car parking spaces are marked.

Roads within the cemetery will take you by car to general areas only, walking may be required and for visitors with easy mobility, walking is required and always encouraged in order to appreciate the beauty of the cemetery and help maintain the environment.

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