Memorial headstones

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Memorial headstones can be arranged within a council cemetery, a permit must be obtained from the administration office to the erection of any headstone, memorial, or the cutting of any additional inscription.

All works carried out on monuments must be done by a registered and approved monumental mason and in accordance with the Council’s Monumental Mason’s Registration Scheme. A list of approved masons is available from the administration office.

The Mason will submit the permit for the works to be carried out which is authorised by the deed holder. Your chosen Mason will guide you through the options available.

After a burial has taken place, no headstone can be erected until at least six months after the date of interment, to allow for ground settlement, unless a concrete raft is used.


Prices of some of our permit charges for -

  • erection of memorial/headstone 18” and over £139
  • a re-inscription of a memorial £139
  • erection of memorial/headstone under 18” £72
  • memorials for babies up to 1 year old are free
  • safety/cleaning is also free
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