Attended Funeral Service

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Attended funeral service at Chanterlands Crematorium from £963

What this service includes -

  • appointments available with a dedicated Bereavement Officer – please contact us to arrange
  • a dedicated Bereavement Officer’s professional services on the day to lead the funeral
  • up to 30-minute service held in either the Large or Small chapel at Chanterlands Crematorium
  • includes a simple Order of Service
  • up to 3 pieces of music played
  • Memorial display photo on chapel screen
  • eulogy, poems, committal read by a member of staff, if required
  • a spray of artificial flowers for coffin decoration
  • transportation of your loved one in a Private Ambulance to Chanterlands Crematorium (this would be in advance of the service date and unwitnessed by family)
  • you will meet your loved one in the chapel; their coffin will be on the catafalque already
  • all Medical Referee, staff costs and cremation fees
  • a wooden coffin and your loved on dressed in a cotton traditional gown
  • cremation of your loved one
  • cremated remains can be delivered to you by appointment (Hull area only) or collected from the Chanterlands Crematorium in an environmentally friendly biodegradable box
  • next day collection can be arranged
  • cremated remains can be scattered within the grounds at the Chanterlands Crematorium or the Priory Woods Cemetery with or without family present at no extra cost
  • help to consider additional memorialisation options available
  • £82.00 Doctors Fees may apply (if a qualified medical practitioner is required)

For further information or to discuss your needs please contact us - 

Contact us

We are also able to supply Eco Friendly Coffins and Caskets at an extra cost.

After the funeral service you can contact the administration office for an appointment to collect the cremated remains or arrangements can be made for the cremated remains to be delivered within the Hull boundary.

Please discuss this option with a member of the team.

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