Arrange a burial

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When someone dies, they are often a lot of decisions that need to be made at a very difficult time. You may have already discussed this with your loved one or may already have a funeral plan or Will in place. If so this could be a good place to start.

If you choose for your loved one to be buried, you will need to consider if the grave is an existing grave or if a new grave is required and which cemetery you wish to use for the burial. You may choose to use a Funeral Director and they will need this information.

If you wish to use an existing grave for a burial then you will need to produce the deed of grant, this document is produced when the grave is purchased, a deed transfer may need to be done if the original deed holder has passed away, a member of the team will be able to assist you with this process. This will also be required if you want to arrange an ashes interment in a grave or a new headstone.

If you choose to purchase a new grave the team will guild you through this process, they will be able to make you an appointment to meet a member of the team at your chosen cemetery to choose the plot.

Different options are available, you may wish to have a traditional burial or a natural burial. We offer traditional burials in Eastern Cemetery, and Priory Woods Cemetery and gardens.

We also have a dedicated area offering natural burials at the Priory Woods Cemetery.

This is also known as eco burials, which are also known as green burials. This is an eco-friendly alternative to a traditional burial that aids the conservation of natural resources and has minimal impact on the environment. Our woodland burial plots are set amongst tree’s and wildflowers, providing a pleasant natural setting for families to bury their loved one.

We have also offered a dedicated area for cremated remains to be scattered within the natural burial ground.

Burial Fee (Traditional)

  • Exclusive rights of burial per year £33 *Interment fee and permit fee are additional
  • Exclusive right of burial for 10 years £330
  • Interment fee £1050
  • Transfer of deed £88
  • Duplicate Deed at any time £25
  • Interment of cremated remains £290
  • Exhumation of cremated remains £112
  • Interment fee of a child aged 1-18 years old £1050*

*An application will be made on behalf of the family to the Childrens Funeral Fund. The Funeral Director will be invoiced for the fees and upon receipt of payment from the fund the account cleared in full. No payment will be due from families.

Burial Fees (Woodland Burials at Priory Woods Cemetery only)

  • Exclusive Rights of burial per year - (minimum of 10 years up to 100 years) - interment fee and permit fee and additional charges £33
  • Interment of cremated remains (Biodegradable containers only) £290
  • Daffodil Area – Cremated remains graves for 4 sets of cremated remains (Biodegradable containers only) for a minimum of 10 years £275

We have dedicated baby and young children's burial areas with the Northern Cemetery, Eastern Cemetery and Priory Woods Cemetery for children up to one year old.

Interment of a child up to one year old in the reserved section of the cemetery No fee.

Please contact a member of the dedicated team who will be happy to help and answerer any questions.

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